SOME OF MY WORKS Antonello Puglisi in fiSOlofia Con Tano Cimarosa sul set del documentario CodingATSchool - Nicola Palmeri

About WHAT I DO Director - Screenplayer - Software developer
- Inventor of mutimedia activities!
Digital animator and school teacher
Virtual Realy specialist
New Learning Experience

Nicola Palmeri. Sicilian of Casteltermini. Computer scientist and independent filmmaker. Symbiosis between art and technology. He graduated in Computer Science with a thesis on digital image processing. He deals with Virtual Reality and Multimedia. He curated the image for leading companies in Europe. Today he manages and coordinates, as a digital animator, the technological and multimedia area of two beautiful schools in southern Italy. He is an expert teacher of numerous PON educational projects funded by Miur aimed at students of all levels. He is always busy with his independent productions ranging from cinema to information technology. He has won numerous awards at international film festivals. His fiSOlofia, acquired by RaiCinema, has won 23 awards at festivals around the world including at the Cine Festa Italia in Santa Fe and Los Angeles. One of its latest apps is the Scienzi scientific calculator for touch devices which speaks all the languages of the world and also all the Italian dialects.

Nicola Palmeri (Foto Agostino Palmeri)